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ARTfutures and Oliver Clegg


What got me to the ARTfutures exhibit in the spring of 2007, wasn’t the much advertised tag line that touted this fair to be “the” most affordable leg-in to the world of collecting Contemporary Art, but the enthusiasm of my fellow colleagues and peers at Sotheby’s. Plus, the promise of a hot gastro-pub meal at the end of the night, Thai no less, wasn’t something that I, on my student staple of…

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So Finally my blog went live via wordpress, and I just wanted to share my joy! I hope you enjoy it, read it and follow it. The first post is “Me the Curator” Thank you for the love and support!Science, Art, Wonder!


Me the Curator

Playing the part of ‘Alice’ in a Bharatnatyam adaptation of “Alice through the looking glass” is a treasured experience. It was a first hand viewing of how very little is lost in translation when ideas are presented through a creative medium. What intrigued me most at the age of eleven was how the audience was the missing piece of the equation. With them present, we as performers were validated.…

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D'sArtTakes Love this Karva Chauth Mehendi, fun fun fun! 

Karva Chauth Mehndi
D'sArtTakes As the Navratri is at it’s mid-point I see the faces of devotion!

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The Tibetan Book of Proportions (online)

For those who wish to see all the mazing illustrations, this link shall take you there!


The Tibetan Book of Proportions

"Drawn on linen pages bound by wooden boards, this 18th-century pattern book delineates precise iconometric guidelines for depiction of the Buddha and Bodhisattva figures. The book was apparently produced in Nepal for use in Tibet, and the 36 ink drawings are accompanied by Newari script with Tibetan numerals. The Newari writing suggests the manual may have been used in a collaboration between Newar and Tibetan artists." 

care of http://www.getty.edu/research/tools/digital_collections/notable/tibetan_pattern_book.html

D'sArtTakes amandarust:

People on the Bridge
An odd planet, and those on it are odd, too.They’re subject to time, but they won’t admit it.They have their own ways of expressing protest.They make up little pictures, like for instance this:At first glance, nothing special.What you see is water.And one of its banks.And a little boat sailing strenuously upstream.And a bridge over the water, and people on the bridge.It appears that the people are picking up their pacebecause of the rain just beginning to lash downfrom a dark cloud.The thing is, nothing else happens.The cloud doesn’t change its color or its shape.The rain doesn’t increase or subside.The boat sails on without moving.The people on the bridge are running nowexactly where they ran before.It’s difficult at this point to keep from commenting.This picture is by no means innocent.Time has been stopped here.Its laws are no longer consulted.It has been relieved of its influence over the course of events.It has been ignored and insulted.On account of a rebel,one Hiroshige Utagawa(a being who, by the way,died long ago and in due course),time has tripped and fallen down.It might well be simply a trifling prank,an antic on the scale of just a couple of galaxies,let us, however, just in case,add one final comment for the record:For generations, it’s been considered good form hereto think highly of this picture,to be entranced and moved.There are those for whom even this is not enough.They go so far as to hear the rain’s spatter,to feel the cold drops on their necks and backs,they look at the bridge and the people on itas if they saw themselves there,running the same never-to-be-finished racethrough the same endless, ever-to-be-covered distance,and they have the nerve to believethat this is really so.
-Wislawa Szymborska
D'sArtTakes mccm-clmr:

Hand embroidered.
D'sArtTakes newyorker:

Ian Crouch on Stephen Colbert’s transition to late night: http://nyr.kr/1ehLde8

“In a way, we’ve been more eager than Colbert himself to protect his conservative-host persona, not by believing explicitly in the fictional construct of the show, but by agreeing instead to act like we believe it.”

Photograph by Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA/Corbis.